i wuv you!

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my little boy can say i love you now! no, make that “i wuv you!” hearing him say it with matching kiss on the lips was just precious!! we dropped off hubby at work this morning and we were all surprised when he said i wuv you back to his papa! 🙂



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Me: Maia, you’re so cute!

Maia: No, i’m not!

Me: But you are!

Maia: I’m not cute! I’m beautiful!!!!

that’s one confident 3 yr old! :p

runny nose

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On the way home…

“Mama, remember when I got sick? I had fever, cough and RUNNING nose, all at the same time?”

Hubby and I burst out laughing! I wanted to reply “yes anak, remember i captured your nose so you won’t have sipon anymore” LOL!

1st week of 2011

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Wow, haven’t blogged in a loooong time. So let me give you an update:

My little boy turned 10months old last January 3. Can’t believe that in two months time he’ll be one!!! he hasn’t started walking yet. But he does try to take steps. And he can stand without anyone holding him for a few seconds.

Maia turned 2 last Nov. We just celebrated at home. Just the 5 of us.

Sofia will turn 7 in a couple of months. Thinking of having a double celebration for her and Franco.

The kids are all sick as of this writing. The eldest was the first one. Had a fever the night of the 1st day of the year. Then it was on and off fever for about 2days. When the fever was gone, sniffles followed. She was feeling better enough to attend school for 2 days. But then she developed a bad cough. Then Maia had a fever. Followed by colds. And my little boy has one too 😦 Argh… And the very cold weather is not helping at all.

Talk about starting the year wrong.

Franco at 3 months

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Hmm… forgot to blog yesterday, june 3, since that’s the exact day for Franco’s 3rd month. He smiles much more compared to last month and “replies” with his coos when you talk to him 🙂

We bought him a fisher price swing/cradle a couple of weeks ago and it’s been a big help.

Franco at 2 months

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It’s my baby boy’s 2nd month today 🙂 so happy I was finally able to capture his smile 🙂 he’s been smiling a lot the past weeks especially in the morning. And it absolutely makes me laugh whenever he reacts when I tell him he’s so pogi! Hehe

Franco’s 1st month

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My pogi baby is now a month old! I can’t believe it! a month and a day ago he was just inside my tummy! haha.. He’s really been a good baby.

My highschool friend Riza and her family visited today. It was sort of a surprise since they decided to go to Sacramento at the spur of the moment. They live in Fremont, about 2hours away from here. It was so nice to see her and the kids. Maia and Annika bonded really well, BFF sila hehe and Annika was in such a good, happy mood today 🙂 Normally she’s quite shy and just held on to her mom like a koala bear lol!

My baby’s day out

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Today is Palm Sunday and the whole family heard mass. It was Franco’s 1st time at St. John’s. Too bad we were a few minutes late and there were a lot of people this morning so we ended up standing. But no complaints, Iya and Maia were quiet and baby Franco slept comfortably in his carrier 😉

Had lunch at Chili’s after mass. Ordered their yummy chicken ceasar salad, iya had cheese quesadillas,corn kernels and chocolate milk drink (yeah, what a combination! but she was able to finish all) Mike ordered this yummy steak that even Iya & I enjoyed. (i’m not fond of steaks) Maia was surprisingly jolly with our server! She liked him! She kept on waving at him saying byebye whenever he passed by! But when it was really time for us to go and I told her to wave him bye, she suddenly became shy but did give the guy a big smile! 😀

Went to Roseville afterwards. Haven’t been there in a long time. Went to Disney store and was able to find and buy cute character clothes for the kids. I wanted to buy more but then I would’ve gone over $100 and it just made me feel guilty hehe And while I was standing there watching the cashier punch the items it dawned on me that from now on i’ll be buying 3 set of clothes na lagi! haha It’s still no fun shopping for boys. Very limited.

Spring time!

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What do you know, it’s the first day of Spring 🙂 It’s been a beautiful week, gorgeous weather and all. The leaves on the trees have changed too i’ve noticed.

Waiting game’s over!

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My little boy finally decided to come out last March 3rd. I had my bloody show morning of March 2nd and I thought he’d come out within the next few hours…. but no, he really was taking his sweet time inside my tummy! lol! If he did come out March 2nd, nobody guessed the date right! But since it was the 3rd, Lei got it! 😉 she “won” $15 for that haha

I’ll try to update within the next few days. My little prince’s a week old now 🙂

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