Just in the nick of time!

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Got our schengen visa this morning!!! We applied for the visa early this month. It was supposed to be released last thursday but they said it wasn’t ready yet & we just had to wait for their call. so imagine the agony of waiting! good thing R called the embassy to check or else we wouldn’t know that the visa was ready for pick up already!!! grr!! and guess what, we’re already booked to fly out tom!! yup, tomorrow early morning! we’re supposed to be at the airport by 3am. and it’s 9:30pm… still have to finish up packing…hehe…we’ll be in Europe for 2wks… goodluck to us! 😉



name confusion

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When we went home last yr we had to meet one of hubby’s ofcmate. And this was how it went when i introduced her to him:

me: Iya this is Tito Alex

she turns to me with a bewildered look

Sofia: but he’s not alex

me: oh, he is a different tito alex. (coz i thought she might be thinking of the other tito alex she met in israel)

Sofia: no mama. he’s not alex. he is not a lion.

and it suddenly dawned on me that the alex she was referring to was the lion character in her all time favorite movie madagascar!!!

Alex and I can’t help but laugh after that mix up. Kasi nga naman the only Alex she truly “knows” is alex the lion… kaya she couldn’t believe that it can also be a name of a person.

and here’s another one:

baby, this is ate Kat.

and my little darling whispers.

mama, she is not a cat

oo nga naman… 😀

rain rain go away…

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One time while we’re on the road it started to rain…

“mama why is it raining?”

being the kulit mama i am..

“because the car needs to take a bath so it will be clean”**

i was relieved that she was satisfied with my reply and there was no immediate reaction/ follow up question… or so i thought!…

“so mama, where’s the soap?”

** my reply varies depending on the location. if we were at home i’d point out the garden outside and tell her that the plants need the water to help them grow etc etc.. or point out the clouds and give her a scientific answer or if i was crazy that day, i’d give her a crazy answer! lol! crazy mama! :p

when words sound alike

February 22, 2008 at 3:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

me: Iya, enough icecream! listen to your voice!!

sofia: mama, i’m not a boys! i’m a girl! hmp!

aretha’s bra

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while watching the grammy’s:

Sofia: look mama, she has a big bra!

referring to aretha franklin, who i think is wearing something a bit too exposed up there lol!

a few seconds later…

sofia: why is the fat mama wearing a very big bra?

this made me laugh. it seems she can’t get over aretha’s huge bosom! palibhasa ang mama nya flat as a board! hahaha buti pa si aretha gifted! lol!

when not to use toilet paper

February 20, 2008 at 8:49 am | Posted in my girls | 2 Comments

one time at a friend’s house, i was looking for paper towel to wipe off the food particles from iya’s mouth. having no luck in finding one, i took a fresh new roll of toilet paper. but upon seeing this iya shrieked!! 

“mama! i don’t like that!! ewww.. that’s for the cr!!!” 

i was forcing myself not to laugh for i was quite embarrassed. good thing the host was not w/in earshot when she said this.

when mama forgets…

February 20, 2008 at 8:43 am | Posted in my girls | 2 Comments

This happened sometime last yr:

I have just finished cooking dinner. So i told my daughter iya to come and eat. I watched her take a seat but then after awhile i noticed she wasn’t moving. So i told her to eat already since i was just doing something in the kitchen. Then when i asked her to please eat already, i saw her move. And as i was walking towards her (her back was facing me) nakita ko nakayuko! nakasubsob ang mukha sa plato… pag tingin sa akin ganda pa ng smile w/ all the cream on her mouth and chin…muntik ko pa pagalitan…but i soon realized why…

que horror!

i forgot to give her utensils!!! :O

o diba anong klaseng ina naman ako! hahahaha… tas sabi pa ni iya

“mama look, i’m like a cat”

check up

February 19, 2008 at 12:27 pm | Posted in my girls | 2 Comments

My little girl finally had her checkup with Dr. Stein. It was the 1st time we met him since Dr. Herring (sofia’s pediatrician here in Israel) is not holding his clinic along Moriah anymore.Dr. Stein checked her and told us nothing was seriously wrong. Her lung was clear. The cough is just the result of a virus infection because of the crazy weather now in Israel. (really really cold and raining most of the time) and Iya was so happy coz she got 2 big stickers from Dr. Stein 🙂

So while seated iya whispered “mama, icecream??” and Dr. Stein overheard this since it wasn’t really a whisper! lol! and to iya’s delight he said that yes, she can have a little ice cream now 🙂

and off we went to the supermarket to buy her a pint of ice cream.



February 12, 2008 at 1:58 am | Posted in my girls | 2 Comments

Out of the blue my little girl asked:

Sofia: Mama, is there a baby inside your tummy?

Moi: not yet

Sofia: Why? i want a baby sister (she’s touching my tummy now)

Moi: we just have to wait

Sofia: why?

Moi: because…. 

and i was stumped..didn’t know what to tell her next hehehe… that’s my little girl always asking why and not contented with a simple answer. there’s always a follow up question! first it was all “what”..”mama, what’s that?” that phase was easier! though she would also have a follow up question…

Sofia: Mama, what’s that?

moi: it’s a stapler

Sofia: for?

moi: putting papers together

Sofia: because?….

see what i mean? lol! 🙂


February 12, 2008 at 1:46 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

at long last!I remembered my username and password for this wordpress blog! (i can’t for the life of me remember talaga yung sa blogspot ko!) dang! i’ve been trying a dozen or more combinations the past days!!! well anyway i’m blogging again… 😉

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