sept 2007

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Wrote this sept 2007…

We think Iya wants a sibling already. Coz lately whenever she’d draw, there’ll be 5 faces. Biggest one is papa, followed by mama, small one for DD and 2 little ones for “my baby brother AND baby sister” hahaha (kaloka, she wants twins pa ata!) Also, when she makes bilin to her papa before he goes to work she says ” papa, buy icecream okay? (or whatever it is she wants for that day) we’ll all share. for papa, mama, me, baby sister AND baby brother”! Hubby & I would just look at each other and smile. I asked iya one time what she’ll do when she has a baby sister or brother. She said

“mama i’ll help you fold the baby’s clothes, and wash her bottles, and give her milk and tell her a story” isn’t that sweet? Well, hubby & I talked it over and we’re ready to have another baby. This time ofcourse hubby would like to have a son. But if it’s another girl, then it’s still okay. So goodluck to us! Continue Reading sept 2007…


Iya and the baby

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Iya loves kissing my tummy and talking to the baby inside…

“hi baby!! you’re so beautiful! and so cute!”

smile fades from her face….

“mama, the baby is not answering!!!” lol!

Ofcourse she doesn’t quite understand a lot of things yet so we have to explain. She can’t wait to play with the baby 🙂 It’s funny how when i think about it, Iya was the 1st one to sense i was pregnant! She kept touching my tummy early february and kept asking if she has a baby sister already. Yup, she wants a baby sister. Whenever hubby and I tell her what about a baby brother… she then will say “okay,baby sister AND baby brother!” oh boy! good thing twins don’t run in the family 😉

My 1st pregnancy

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I just thought of sharing this entry i wrote sometime last yr in my old blog (i saved some entries before i deleted the blog) on how i found out i was pregnant with my darling sofia.

My beautiful daughter was born 3 yrs ago on April 15. She was a much awaited baby to say the least. The 1st grandchild on both sides. I didn’t have any problem all throughout my pregnancy. I mean no vommiting, lihi… I actually didn’t know I was pregnant until around my 16th wk! So imagine my happiness & fear upon learning that the baby inside me was 4mos already!!?? Fear coz i haven’t been eating “healthy”..i’ve been eating fastfood and more fastfood…

Why in the world you might ask, have i not noticed I was pregnant!? Well first off, I had an irregular period so I thought this was just another one of those very late period.. I didn’t “feel” pregnant at all! you know, bigger boobs, etc hehe… Well, I did notice my pants were getting tight but I though I just needed a new pair of jeans! my hubby actually was already sensing I was pregnant but I kept on dismissing the thought. Not wanting to get disappointed again i guess. Continue Reading My 1st pregnancy…

Guess What…

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Yup, we’re having baby number two! 🙂

We actually found out about it a few days after we got back from europe but decided not to tell anyone yet. (o, walang magtatampo) I wanted to go see an ob-gyne first kasi and make sure everything’s okay before we let family and friends know that i’m expecting.

And so yesterday we went to see Dr. de Vries. I was quite uneasy while waiting because he’s a male doctor! and we all know that back home, most obstetricians are female. My ob back home is female, but ofcourse… I know there’s nothing wrong with having a male doctor but if you’re shy like me..hehehe…Well anyway, Dr. de Vries turned out to be great! He’s old na, always smiling and takes his time explaining things. He took a sonogram and there we saw our little angel….. couldn’t make anything out of it since the fetus is still too small but we can clearly see the heart beating! Iya was so excited and kept asking the doctor to point out where the baby was! Everything looks perfect my doctor said. And the baby is exactly as big as it’s supposed to be. Hubby and I were so relieved and very happy! and without further ado here’s our baby at 8weeks:


pregnancy calendar

Disneyland Paris

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Photobucket Photobucket

Our trip to disneyland probably was the best thing that ever happened in my daughter’s 4 yrs!It was raining the previous days so we were praying for sunshine on the day we went there. We bought her a raincoat the night before incase it does rain coz we don’t have umbrellas. And so on that fateful day, we woke up to a surprisingly bright morning. Thank God i said. So we hurriedly took a bath, fixed our stuff and off we went to the train station. It took us about an hour. And the weather started getting gloomy again…

After we’ve purchased our tickets we looked at the schedule for the day and hurriedly fell in line for Mickey’s photo op. The schedule said the photo op’s gonna last only until 12:15. and it was already nearing 12nn. The line was long. I was thinking we won’t be able to make it but fell in line anyway. And then…it started to rain..again!! dang! i really thought the weather would cooperate that day. Continue Reading Disneyland Paris…

Iya loves to eat…

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Just thought i’d share food that my little girl loves:

Mommy’s (that’s my mom) Tinolang manok, isda sa miso, arrozcaldo

Lola’s (hubby’s mom) pansit, karne prita, turon, lumpia (but with veggies inside)

Mama’s (moi) adobo, carbonara with lots of mushroom and parmesan cheese, italian spaghetti with again, lots of parmesan cheese!

Tito ruben’s sinigang

Tita Odette’s yummy cakes and cupcakes

yoghurt, (which hubby absolutely finds revolting!) banana, apple, grapes etc etc

She eats a lot more than those mentioned above ofcourse. She likes saucy dishes, sabaw and fried too. (chicken, tilapia and hotdog forever!) But no ketchup or mayonnaise for her pls. Funny nga kasi when she was below 2 1/2 she loved ketchup! When we’d eat out and she’d have fries, she’ll dip the fries in ketchup, put it in her mouth but not eat it, yet. The fries would still be there, minus the ketchup! she’ll dip it a few more times before she actually finished one. she ate that way! lol! So i guess nanawa na sya sa ketchup that’s why she sooo hates it now. hehe

Proud mama!

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Lookie, that’s my darling Sofia on page 80 Smart Parenting magazine march 2008 issue 🙂 Since i don’t have a scanner i had to rely on irish (super thanks!) to send me a scanned copy of the page where iya was in. I cannot believe i totally forgot to blog about it!

Earlier today, i finally received my copy! too bad it was folded in half! the mail carrier obviously wanted it to fit sa mailbox…but that’s ok i still have copies back home! lol! 😉 I asked my mom to buy me one and send it over here. Wow, iba pala feeling pag hawak mo na ang magazine and you’re looking and touching your daughter’s pic hahaha OA ba?

Photobucket Photobucket

The shot took place at Robinson’s Galleria last december pa when we went home for a vacation. How did my daughter end up in the mag? Well, i met Irish through friendster last yr & she asked if i wanted Iya to model. My answer–Ofcourse! who wouldn’t want that?? haha.. Irish works as a stylist for the said mag. Then we had our vacation last yr, contacted each other and that was that. 🙂

Oy ha, it wasn’t a paid thing. Lots of people have been asking kasi. Kids daw model for the said mag gratis. Eh no problem naman with me coz you’d get to see your baby in a widely circulated mag so that was enough for me. 😀

here’s another scan:


VENEZIA (Venice)

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venetian masks


St. mark’s basilica


St. Mark’s square


Iya and the gondolas




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FIRENZE (Florence)

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