early gift

April 10, 2008 at 8:08 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments


Iya got an early present today.

This morning kasi her Tito Ruben called, eh pinabayaan ko lang sila mag usap… then when we were having lunch…

Sofia: mama, can you call a taxi?

Me: (bewildered) why?

Sofia: so i can go to tito ruben’s house

Me: no baby, tito ruben said he will go here later

aba eh biglang nag smile ng napakaganda sabay sabi:

“mama, tito ruben will bring my present???”

nalito naman ako… sabay ym kay ruben kung may sinabi ba sya kay iya at naku if he was joking eh iya would be so disappointed kasi pag may sinabi ka sa kanya she’ll remember that! and so a few minutes later, hubby and ruben arrived and when Iya opened the door, Ruben indeed had a gift for her. Ay she dashed sa sofa and opened it really quick. The funny thing was the wrapper was huge, natabunan na yung gift nung wrapper! nalito pa sya san napunta yung laman! lol!! 😀 She was so happy when she saw it was a Heffalump stuffed toy 🙂 It’s bigger than the one she already has so it’s perfect! Now, her heffalump has a mama heffalump just like in the story/movie.


and yes, that’s a mickey mouse tattoo on her knee 😉



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  1. hahaha, great gift for the little girl. mukhang kontentong kontento si Iya ah.

    mickey mouse tattoo pala ha!

    Happy happy Birthday Iya!

  2. oo, super happy nga sa gift nya eh. buti na lang..di na kami bibili pa hahaha…

    kala mo si iya lang may tattoo?? kami din, nilagyan nya! 😀

    thanks for the greeting!

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