Eating her veggies

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Iya eats veggies though not that often and not all kinds. She loves sayote in her tinola and she eats carrots but only if they were chopped really small… I forget the other ones she likes. Anyway since we arrived here my mom has been cooking a lot of dishes with sabaw. And I found out that Iya likes pechay and kang kong without forcing her to eat them.

I now asked my mom to start using malunggay since I plan to breastfeed nga. They say malunggay leaves can help you produce more milk. With Iya kasi I only started eating malunggay after she was born & I was breastfeeding already. Now i’m thinking if I start to eat malunggay early, i’ll have more milk! hence, breastfeed longer. hehe… Anyway, what do you know, Iya loved the malunggay! While having dinner she kept asking for “more leaves”

Everyone in the family’s eating malunggay now and they’re teasing me that if ever I ran out of milk, there will be a lot of volunteer in the house! hahaha!


Iya’s school stuff!

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After enrolling her we went to the mall to get her some stuff. I only originally thought of getting her new shoes but I found my basket soon filling up! I didn’t realize that she’d need a lot more! new socks, new panties etc etc… and the school required a “hygiene kit” which we had to make by using an old shoe box. It should contain things like extra clothes, soap, powder, face towel, toothbrush etc. The mention of the hygiene kit actually made me smile. Coz I remember we had them also. Well I don’t really remember my box, but definitely my sisters and I had them in preschool 🙂

here are some pics

Photobucket she picked out her shoes!

Speaking of shoes, as I was looking around I couldn’t believe that some barbie shoes cost 1,300php! Same price as florsheim. While the rest of the barbie shoes hover at 600+ So I asked the salesman how come? And he said the ones that are more expensive has real leather while the cheaper ones are synthetic.

Photobucket and she chose her lunch box too!

I didn’t buy her a school bag yet since I have no idea how many things she has to bring. All the materials will be given on the 1st day of school. Atleast that saves me from having to look over dozens of notebooks and have to decide which design is cuter! hehe… But for now, she likes Minnie Mouse. Disneyland hang over pa ito! lol! So i’ll probably get her a Minnie Mouse backpack soon 😉

At one point during our shopping, she asked if all the things in the basket were hers. (it was nearly overflowing!) And I said yes! And it’s like she couldn’t believe it! lol!

The search is over!

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And finally, after sleepless nights deciding where my daughter would attend school I found one that was near our place and where my daughter would hopefully enjoy and grow. (fingers crossed!)

The preschool is relatively new. I think they opened only about 4years ago. But I was willing to try this school because of the ff reasons:

– it’s near our place
– low student-teacher ratio. for Kinder 1 they have 10-15 students max per class.
– very accommodating teachers
– the rooms were airconditioned and very lively..err colorful. The students’ art works were displayed on the walls.
– they use progressive-montessori method as a way of teaching
– the directress was a former teacher at Early Achievers and I guess she adapted almost everything in her preschool (the rooms were almost the same as early achievers, uniform is checkered and almost sailor type too hehe)

I hope I made the right choice. I just want my daughter to enjoy and at the same time learn without being pressured too much. I already enrolled her so everything is paid for. The price of the school uniform i found a bit steep. The price of the blouse was different from the price of the jumper. And prices also differ according to size. Students are to wear the uniform from Mod-Thurs. Then P.E. uniform on fridays.

On the way to the school pala I was telling Iya nga that we are going to enroll her already. And she got really excited! What she said next caught me by surprise:

“And then mama when iya goes to school you will leave me alone okay? you just stay home!”

huhuhu… she can’t wait to get rid of me!! 😦

My little girl is really ready for school!

A little update

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Been sick since friday night… just when i thought i’ve finished the last on my to do list 😦

Was finally able to see my OB-gyne at SLMC last friday afternoon. Everything is okay. She’s happy with my lab tests. Baby is 16 weeks and i was able to hear the heartbeat for the 1st time 🙂 Too bad iya went out of the room. (‘coz she said she was so hungry! the secretary said eating isn’t allowed in the clinic) Dr. Pichay was also surprised and delighted to see that Iya’s all grown up! she hasn’t seen her since I got discharged from the hospital 4yrs ago hahaha! And my doctor said she hopes my 2nd baby will be a boy hehe

Soon after the check up we looked for some place to eat and off to jollibee we went since iya wanted “brown chicken”. Boy there’s a lot of resto’s/ fastfood to choose from now along e. rodriguez! My little girl had 1 pc chicken joy and rice. I had palabok. And she consumed half my palabok after she finished her meal! She has a big appetite esp when she likes what she’s eating! I had to get myself a tuna pie (something new.. quite good naman) dahil nabitin ako sa palabok!

And then by the time we reached home…i was sniffling already… then saturday it was a full blown cold already and my whole body ached! i wasn’t able to go with my family to hear mass sunday morning. I’ve been drinking lots of water and calamansi juice.

I feel a bit better but still a little sluggish at the same time…

lots of drafts here awaiting editing and posting…;)

hope you’re doing great wherever you might be!

School hunting…

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…can be taxing.

Even before we arrived from Israel, I was already researching where to enroll my little princess. I have tons of schools in mind but they were either too far or too expensive!! (what’s with the 100k up fees!!! and that’s for nursery!) Anyway, I was keen on enrolling her at Early Achievers especially since we already visited the school last yr when we went home for vacation. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make the reservation ‘coz by the time they called for the update we were up up and away! haha… Sayang din yung 20% discount because of the school’s anniversary, if i remember it right. (the time we inquired naman semestral break pa and they didn’t have the discounted fees computed yet) Only early birds can get the discount that’s what I was told. So scrap that. Continue Reading School hunting……

Busy Bee…

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I know, i know… haven’t blogged since we arrived back home…hehe and for that i am truly sorry. Friends have been asking about updates. It’s just that since we arrived we had to deal with a lot of things… and tomorrow’s gonna be my (college) bestfriend’s wedding! I hope i’ll have decent enough pictures to post. Coz my mom’s gonna be the photographer since Iya and I are part of the entourage and daddy’s gonna be busy handling the camcorder 😉

So that’s it for now. Just wanted friends to know i’m still alive 😀

and oh..belated Happy Mom’s Day to all mothers out there. I almost had a happy day but was ruined by this effing dense lady where i had my gown altered. Now that’s a different post all together!


On going back home…

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Well this is it… Iya and I are going home for good… goodbye Israel 😦 sniff… I’m gonna miss our apartment here, rent/utilities free kasi lol! imagine not having to worry about bills! hehehe… seriously, Haifa has been our home away from home. I’m gonna miss the nice weather, the nearby beach, our nice neighbor, zara (dahil dito lang ako nakaka afford bumili lalo na pag may sale!) and ikea… nyahaha… I’ll miss seeing the beautiful Israelis..guys and gals alike.

Iya’s gonna miss the beach the most and the playground/park too. Not that we don’t have beaches at home ofcourse. Kaso lang you’d have to travel pa really far to be able to go to a nice, clean beach. Whereas here it’s just a couple of minutes away, free pa! Mediterranean sea pa yun!

But she is totally excited na din coz she misses her pink bike with kring kring badly!! And ofcourse going to school for the 1st time! She said she can’t wait to play with daddy and mommy (her grandparents) and her 2 tita’s. And she’s gonna be flowergirl to her Ninang Karen’s wedding soon! So many things to look forward to! It’s gonna be a really hectic first 2 weeks for us once we get back. And ofcourse looking forward to get in touch with old friends again and i’m excited to meet my online friends too! (see you guys soon!!!)

I still haven’t finished packing…that’s me!

Lehitraot Israel! Happy 60th Independence Day! Too bad we’re gonna miss the fireworks and all the festivities!

Hoping to return here in the future, with baby number 2 🙂 The land where she/he was conceived 😉

Missing her Papa

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Hubby’s been really busy at work. Monday night Iya went to bed without seeing him since he arrived really late. When she woke up the ff day he was at work already (hubby didn’t want to disturb the princess’ sleep) prompting her to tell or rather ask “mama, did papa go home already? then he went to work again while i’m sleeping?” and she checked the other room hoping her papa was there. So that night after dinner this was what she told me:

“mama, i’m going to sleep here in the sofa. so that when papa doorbells, i will wake up”

Unfortunately hubby arrived late again. But she did manage to wake up early and see him this morning. She missed him so much. Good thing he arrived early from work today too. You should’ve heard her scream! she was sooo excited! “look mama, it’s PAPAAAAAAA!” with matching hug and kisses! Kala mo talaga ilang taon ng hindi nagkita!

When it was time for her to go to bed she wanted hubby to go up with her. But hubby was infront of his laptop doing some work. And I couldn’t blame Iya when we heard her exclaiming in dismay

“but papa… you already work in the office. stop working now it’s time to go to bed”

sigh… it’s really heartbreaking… and she’s only 4. We just keep explaining to her why papa has to work a lot etc.

Hubby feels guilty ofcourse. He does give Iya a call everyday from work asking how she is and she’d gladly tell him what she was doing the time he called. Sabay sumbong na din yun if ever napagalitan ko sya that day or whatever. Funny lang, she knows that papa goes to work every single day..but still when she answers the phone the 1st thing she’ll ask is

“papa, where are you?” 😀

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