Ate knows best!

August 18, 2008 at 4:33 am | Posted in my girls, pregnancy | 1 Comment

After attempting to know our baby number 2’s gender on three separate uiltrasounds… it was finally revealed yesterday! And we’re having……. another princess!!! You should’ve seen Ate Iya’s reaction–priceless!! She was sooooo happy! She was right all along, that she’s gonna have a baby sister! I was just even waiting for her to blurt out “i told you so!” but all she managed to say was “see, i have a baby sister!” and she kept on giving me kisses. She stood on a stool beside me all throughout the session. There was a huge monitor in front of us but she didn’t want to sit on the sofa to watch. She was standing beside me making sure I was okay 😀 She was watching at the small monitor where the sonologist was looking. And Iya was talking non-stop! commenting..asking questions..

We were all so delighted with the experience. This was my 1st 4D. During Iya’s time only 3D was available. What a huge difference! And my parents were with me, iya and my youngest sister. The ultrasound I had yesterday wasn’t actually planned. My OB wanted it around 30wks. But we were at the mall…and I got bored and passed by the ultrasound company… and I really really wanted to know the gender and I decided to go for it! I just asked baby number 2 to please please let me know now if she’s a girl or a boy. And luckily the first time the sonologist looked, there it was…her vajayjay! lol! 😀 At first I couldn’t understand since the sonologist just said ” this are her lips” and i was like…hmm where are the other parts of her face??? and she burst out laughing and apologized because what she meant was she was pointing to the lips or labia of the vajayjay! nyahahaha!

We witnessed the little one yawn..then put her fingers inside her mouth..and she even gave us a little smile, which the sonologist was able to capture! (too bad can’t post any pic i don’t have a scanner) she was moving a lot! I can’t wait to go back on my 30th week. I’ll get the package which includes a dvd recording of the whole session. It’s really amazing! 4D is a bit expensive but really worth it! Imagine showing it to your child when she’s old enough and telling her it’s a dvd recording of her while inside mommy’s tummy!

I’m on my 7th month now… time flies! Now, we’ve to think of a name 🙂


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