Going blind

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Iya’s concept on being deaf…

Iya approaching with hands covering her ears:

“mama! the neighbors are so noisy! i’m going blind!”


“mama, i was calling and calling you! you did not hear me? are you blind!??”

Hubby and I can only laugh. She does know what being blind means… but not being able to hear, iba ng usapan yun! lol! maybe she just forgot that the term she should use is deaf 😀



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Yesterday I thought of fixing Maia’s hair. i wanted to see if i can do pigtails. and I did! I thought kasi her hair was still too short but i managed to fix them hehe. Then Iya saw her sister and she was delighted with the new look.

“mama, i like maia’s hair…she’s stylish!”

Mike and i both laughed. Nagulat naman kasi kami. o diba stylish daw. I don’t remember using that term pa with her that’s why we were quite surprised hearing her say that. But atleast diba she appreciated her baby sister’s new do. 🙂

Sofia turns 5!

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My little girl turned 5 last april 15! so she’s not so little anymore 🙂 But I still find myself calling her “baby”! It was just a simple celebration at home. Mike bought her a  chocolate cake, a dora balloon with her name on it and the hungry hippo toy she’s been asking her papa to buy. We just had pizza, spaghetti and icecream. I was a bit quite sad since it was just the 4 of us 😦 I’m so glad iya didn’t ask for a party or anything. She was actually surprised it was already her birthday that day!

(grr…i forgot again how to attach pics here… i don’t see anything! argh!)

Hello 2009!

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And finally…i’ve decided to ressurect my blog from the dead! lol!

So how have you all been?…umm..the 4,5 readers i have? nyahaha… as you can see the layout of my blog changed and that was my mistake. i was just browsing through looking for a new template..i haven’t really decided on anything but i accidentally clicked the apply button instead of the preview. and i could not for the life of me remember how i found the old template. i can’t see it on the list of samples.. 


A lot of things have changed since my last post. I now have a healthy 5month old baby 🙂 My darling Sofia has been such a great big sister! ….and so now I really have to change the title of my blog. But can’t quite decide on a title yet. I’m even thinking if I should make a new blog all together. Oh well…you’ll be informed soon enough. But for the mean time i’ll still use this blog.


We’re not in Israel anymore. Came back home last year. And now we are in the united states of barack obama hehe… Arrived 2nd wk of march. Hmm..it’s been a month na din pala…


I’ll try to update this blog as often as i can. So sorry i’ve been busy and lazy at the same time. :p


Have a great weekend!

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