3rd time’s the charm!

October 14, 2009 at 8:50 am | Posted in pregnancy | Leave a comment

I haven’t updated my dear blog for god knows how long… but this update is sure worth the wait!

I’m currently pregnant with baby number 3….. yup! you read that right haha… anyway i’m currently on my 20th week and we spent practically the whole afternoon going to 3 diff appointments!

The 1st one was the highlight of the day and the most anticipated since it was for an ultrasound. Then we had to go to a different office for bloodwork and stuff (the nurse took 5 vials worth of blood i thought i would faint lol!) and the last was my 20th wk appt with the OB-gyn.

And now the ultrasound story:

The sonologist asked if she could just 1st do all the measurements and stuff  before she’d show us anything on the monitor. So there I was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling while hubby was sitting quietly….. and after an eternity of waiting for the sonologist to finish, it was time for her to tell us about the baby. She 1st showed the profile, checked all body parts etc and the most important of all…. the gender of the baby!! You can tell that hubby and I were really anxious to what it was… and the sonologist was like “okay i’ll try my very best to give you the best view and to make sure i’m sure with the gender” and lo and behold there it was…. our baby’s little birdie!!! you can tell it was practically standing at attention!! lol!! Hubby stood up, went near the monitor and was like “really!!???”  like a few times! It’s a B-O-Y!! haha! the sonologist kept congratulating us and said “third time’s a charm for you guys huh” and indeed it was 🙂


I still can’t believe that I have a little boy inside me… and you know what, Ate Sofia was right again with the gender! Ang lakas ng pakiramdam talaga 🙂


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