End of the month

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Ha! I finally figured out how to fix the darn date/time stamp. I realized the other day my posts were a day ahead!

Anyway, woke up a bit late this morning so we weren’t able to attend church. We met up with Easley & family, Odette and Jojo for lunch. It was at this chinese resto somewhere in Sacramento. We were all hungry and boy were we so not disappointed! I think this is the only time again that I really enjoyed my food. It was the usual chinese dimsum, yang chow, fish..you know the rest. But since I don’t get to eat them often I thought they were all yummy! 😀 Maia enjoyed eating too! After the hearty lunch we went to Ikea for a little shopping.

Hubby and I have noticed lately that Iya has been quite over protective of her little sister. Or maybe it’s jealousy? She doesn’t like it when other kids play with Maia and they make her laugh. She thinks that since she’s the Ate, she’s the only one who can make her little sister happy. Belle has been fond of Maia since last december i think, which was really a surprise to all of us, ‘coz Belle usually just keeps to herself or just plays with her older sister and Iya. And now that Iya noticed it, she always tries to hog her little sister’s attention whenever Belle approaches Maia! Sometimes it’s funny but other times Iya just really gets upset. Ofcourse we tried to explain to her this and that or we divert her attention to something else. Oh well… let’s see what happens when her little brother arrives! She now has to ‘protect” two siblings from getting the attention of people! haha…

The weather was really good today, sun shiny and all… if only it will stay that way the rest of the school week 🙂


Iya’s movie date

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Odette called this morning and asked if she can bring Iya tonight to watch the movie “Toothfairy”, a comedy starring Dwayne Johnson. I said okay as long as she’s sure she’s okay to tag Iya along. So the whole day she kept asking if it’s time for Tita Odette to pick her up already. I thought i’d go crazy reminding her she’s gonna be picked up around 7 in the evening pa. We had to go out earlier today to buy some more things for the baby. So finally an hour after we got home, Odette arrived and picked her up. Too bad I didn’t get to meet her date! haha Oh yeah, Odette had a date and Iya was the third wheel so to speak hehe…

Iya was so happy upon returning home a few hours later. Odette told me she was a good girl. And the first thing I asked Iya was “how’s tita odette’s date?” is he pogi? “mama, —- is pogi pogi!” 😀 suddenly hubby butted in “ay iya who’s more pogi ha, papa or tita odette’s date?” and without any hesitation, she answered “PAPA!” and i thought haha, good girl, good answer! but then there was a follow up “and —also, papa and —- are both pogi” lol! but atleast we know that hubby is still iya’s number 1 fan!

hubby’s back

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Odette, Jojo and Iya picked up hubby last night at the airport. When they arrived you should’ve seen Maia’s reaction! She was standing by the doorway and when she saw her papa, she raised both her arms welcoming him! hehe She couldn’t wait to be hugged/carried 🙂 Her happiness was priceless! (i just wish hubby thought of getting something for the girls as pasalubong…)

Anyway Iya happily told me naman that they had dinner at Jollibee and she had her favorite burger steak meal plus peach mango pie 😀

Now that hubby’s here I guess our little boy can come out anytime 😉 But I hope to give birth on a weekend. fingers crossed!

Panic time!

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I had my doctor’s appointment early afternoon. So glad Odette was able to accompany me since Mike’s not here. We dropped off Maia at Emelyn’s first then we went to the dr’s ofc. I was told I was to have an i.e. today so no problem… but imagine my utter shock when, in the middle of her doing the i.e., she said she can almost feel the head and that i am 1cm dilated, already! I wasn’t able to speak for a few seconds…I was gathering my thoughts! I just remember now saying “but it’s too early!” My doctor then tried to assure me that I won’t be giving birth today… but she expects the baby to come within the next 2wks or so! (she even said “maybe valentine’s day huh?”) I’m definitely not going to make it on my due date. (which is feb 28) After the doctor left the room I found myself still sitting there unable to think! or make that a thousand and one things were running through my head! i haven’t laundered the few baby clothes i bought! i still need to buy a lot of stuff! i haven’t prepared the bag i’m going to bring to the hospital!  and so on and so forth.

Geesh, I thought I would start to hyperventilate! To think that on the way to the ofc I was telling Odette how the baby’s movement have been different lately. That the baby’s kicks are definitely stronger and hurt quite a bit. When I got home I started to surf the net and only then was I able to calm down a bit when i read that quite a lot of women experienced being 1cm at 35wks or even earlier, but not give birth until their 37th,38th or even 39th week! I’m sorry if I sound too panicky, it’s just that I never experienced being dilated this early with my 2 girls. I was expecting going through labor & delivery faster (coz that’s what they all say, the more children you have the easier it gets) but not when i’m not yet full term.

Here’s praying that my little boy will decide to stay a bit longer inside 🙂 I don’t want him to be a preemie and stay at the hosp etc etc.. or atleast wait until his papa arrives on friday night.

Home Alone

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Hubby left earlier today for Arizona. Another business trip. And so i’m home alone with the kids for the 2nd time. He’ll be gone for more or less a week. It’s such a bummer that it’s been raining. Like hubby’s last business trip, i would’ve just walked with Iya to & from school.  But since the weather’s not been good I have no choice but to ask friends to bring her to and from school. And i’m kinda not so keen asking favors anymore. I’m quite embarrased asking favors since I know if only I took the darn driver’s exam last yr when i’m not so huge yet, then I wouldn’t have to bother them. I’m still glad i’ve good friends though who are more than willing to help 🙂

It’s 2010!

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Where the heck have I been? It’s 2010 already! Geesh I wish I wasn’t so lazy…..

Christmas and New Year was fine. Spent it with friends. Kids were happy. They received tons of gifts! And speaking of gifts, our poor little Maia didn’t get any from santa! Blame it on mommy! I was so focused on getting and keeping her older sister’s gift from santa a secret that I totally forgot to get one for Maia. And she had none too from her mama and papa! i know…bad! And it was my mom who made me feel so guilty haha! I was telling her how happy the kids were, what they got for christmas… then she asked what maia got and I was like…uh oh.. and my mom just laughed and said it’s a good thing Maia doesn’t understand anything yet so lucky me hehe 😉 promise i wont forget this year! (and hopefully i’ll remember to get one for their little brother)

Weather’s been crazy since Sunday. Raining cats and dogs! Yesterday the kids had no classes coz it’s MLK’s day. Today I was wishing they won’t have classes too coz of the wind and rain! The sound of the wind was really a bit eerie. But no, I don’t think they suspend classes here coz of the rain. (unlike back home) Luckily Sofia’s raincoat still fits her so she’s good to go. I have to get her rainboots one of these days though.

Well that’s about it. Hopefully you’ll hear from me again sooner than later hehe

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