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It’s Feb 28, 2010 the last day of the month. Today is my due date! And my little boy decided he still wants to stay inside mama’s tummy 😀 He wants to come out March so he’ll share his grandpa’s and tita’s birth month! 😉


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This time last year

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Feb 7th last year Maia turned 3 months old. I always bought my favorite marble chocolate cake from Goldilocks starting when she was a month old. And now she is a year and 3 months and soon to be big sister! How time flies!


I had my check up this afternoon and I was late! Like 20 mins late! My doctor thought i might be at the hospital already! argh, so embarassing! So anyway, so far so good for me. Hopefully i’ll deliver within this week since she said she’ll be on duty during the weekend.

Sigh…. I know this is my third but i’m still so not ready 😦 I’m always praying my labor and delivery will go smoothly. Much like with Maia’s. It took about 6 hours from the time I got admitted up to when Maia came out. And that’s a big improvement because with Sofia, I labored for 24 hours! Hopefully I won’t go way past my duedate. I don’t want to be induced. Hay… I feel like it’s my 1st time all over again. Dang.

Sweet surprise

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Saturday started quite uneventfully. Around 4pm I asked hubby if we can go to the mall to look for a new pair of sandals for iya coz she already outgrew the ones we bought last yr. We were quite unsuccessful so we just decided to go ahead and have dinner at the food court. I tried the mongolian food there for the first time and it was good. Sofia had a mcdonald’s meal, as always. haha I was hoping we could still walk around a bit but then hubby said that their technician from work called and that they were having problems so he has to bring us home already so he could go to the office. I didn’t make any protests anymore ‘coz it’s work. As if there’s anything i can do about it. :p

And so we arrived home, I started picking up stuff we left before we went to the mall…when we heard the doorbell ring. We weren’t expecting anyone so I wondered who it was. Sofia opened the door and I saw Emelyn. She drops by every now and then so no big deal…but then I saw her holding baloons and she said “surprise!” and then I saw lei and family and the rest of milyn’s family too! I was like..woah! It was a little baby shower surprise for me! 😀 They brought gifts and food. And they only talked about the surprise earlier in the day.

I was not expecting any baby shower anymore since my sister and bestfriends are not here. My sister was the one who organized my baby shower for Sofia. And it was a surprise too! I would’ve wanted a shower for our baby boy but I know I couldn’t count on Mike since he’s all too busy at work. I’m too embarassed to organize it myself ‘coz I believe that family or friends are the ones who should organize those type of things. ;p So i’m really grateful to Lei and Milyn for giving me/my boy this little shower 🙂 It’s a good thing Odette was able to drop by eventhough she was tired already coz she had attended a baptism earlier, 3hours away.

After they left (around 2am, sunday hehe) Sofia hugged me and said “thank you mama for my surprise playdate!” and I couldn’t help but smile! She thought all along that it was a suprise for her!!! lol! She’s always looking forward kasi to play with Mariella and Belle that’s why 🙂

Happy Meal Set 6

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I believe this set was released around 2006 in celebration of Hong Kong’s Disneyland. It includes the ff:
Donald Duck
Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Snow White
Buzz Lightyear

Happy Meal Set 5

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This 2009 My Little Pony set is probably Sofia’s favorite of all Happy Meal toys. Each toy had a matching comb. She likes the cartoon show and she has books about the ponies.

Happy Meal Set 4

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Toys from 2009 Madagascar Escape to Africa movie

Moto Moto

38th week

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Had my check up this morning. My Doctor’s back. She didn’t do any i.e. today, next week daw. And finally, I was able to discuss with her episiotomy, epidural and circumcision. You see back home, episiotomy and epidural are a given. It’s up to the patient if you request not to have it. Well here in the US i found out, it’s the other way around. You’re given an epidural only when you request it (and still depends on how far along you’re dilated) and they let you tear naturally instead of doing an episiotomy. I wonder how my ob back home will react. She might think que horror with the natural tearing and letting the vajayjay stretch out as far as it can go. Oh well…

After the quick check up, we met up with Odette, Jojo, Emelyn and the girls for lunch at Aloha Sushi near our place. (too bad Easley wasn’t able to join us) I wanted to try the food there since Emelyn said it was good. I had the salmon bento box (rice, salad,salmon,veggie tempura & 4 california rolls) Sofia had 2 servings of shrimp tempura, so that was 8 big pieces! Glad she liked it. Maia was so demanding during lunch! It’s like you haven’t been feeding her! lol! We then walked to Coldstone which was one store away for dessert. Sofia tried the cotton candy icecream w/c had an attractive blue greenish color (tasted good) and I had the birthday cake mix (cake batter icecream with sprinkles,brownies and fudge) yummy!! It’s been awhile since I ate icecream so it was such a treat 😉 too bad I didn’t bring the camera.

After the rest of the guys went back to work, Emelyn & I just walked and shopped a bit at Broadstone plaza with the kids. Bought Iya headbands, a skirt and a shirt at Old Navy. (i was able to finally use my $5 off coupon) I wanted to get Maia one spring dress but they didn’t have the size I wanted. And before heading back home we couldn’t possibly not go to Borders. And that’s where Maia fell asleep hehe It’s our kids’ library since the public library is far from our place. Atleast with Borders,we can just walk over there from our apartment.

It’s been another good day. Good weather too. Days certainly pass by quickly!

My girls

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They look like angels sleeping 🙂

They slept late today…past 10pm. I put them to bed a little past 8pm but Sofia decided she wanted to sleep beside me and Maia. I couldn’t convince her to go back to her room so I just let her stay. Unfortunately, Maia thought her big sister came in the room to play. And so no matter how hard Iya tried to ignore her little sister, she just couldn’t. Who could resist Maia’s smile/laughter anyway? 😀

I left the room to wash bottles and I can hear the two of them giggling. And slowly the giggles turned to crying…Maia was tired and sleepy so I went back and rocked her to sleep. So now i’ve got two girls on my bed. Goodluck to me in finding a space later. Hubby & I should’ve bought a king size bed!

But as I look at my girls sleeping, I can’t help but smile and be a bit sad coz they grow so fast! Infact Sofia’s turning 6 two months from now! and come November i’m gonna have a 2 yr old! I’m sure my life’s gonna be chaotic once their little brother comes out. Well actually it is chaotic now. hehe.. I guess I just need to savor every moment being a mother of two. I don’t know what lies ahead when I become a mother of three! And i’m gonna be a first time mom of a little boy 😉 Goodluck to me!

Beautiful Day

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Yes, another beautiful day. Sun was out, cool breeze, you can almost taste spring 🙂 Plus Odette gave us krispy kreme donuts for pasalubong!!! She went to SFO yday and it was really so thoughtful of her to get us some kk’s coz there’s none here in our area. Thanks again 🙂

Had a post valentines lunch with Intel friends. No work and classes here in Folsom so we were all able to go out on a weekday. Yummy food at Red Lobster. I really like their ceasar salad 🙂 We had 2 servers, one was a guy, the other a big lady. While eating we all couldn’t help but notice that Maia would cry everytime the lady server would go to our table or even just pass by! And unfortunately for her, our server was very attentive and kept coming back to check on us! So Maia would squirm/pout/cry everytime! But when the server turns to leave she follows her with her eyes naman! lol! as in nililingon pa!

Went to the mall after. Wasn’t really planning on buying anything. Maia fell asleep on her stroller so we just let her be. While waiting for her to wake up, I finally had my eyebrows done! I can now face the world a little bit more confidently with my threaded brows! haha… Surprisingly, hubby was impressed with how the girl did my brows. It was nice. She was good. Worth the $15 :p

Had dinner at Olive Garden near our place. (minus friends–we all went our separate ways after lunch) It was my first time there. The interior of the resto was really nice and clean. You’d think they just opened! And our server was muy simpatico and really suave! Maia liked him 😀 I loved the chicken and gnocchi soup (so did maia) and I had lasagna for my entree. Too bad I forgot the camera in the car. I was so full I thought I wouldn’t be able to get up! no kidding! lol!!!

My girls wore the same outfit today. And I don’t have a decent picture to show for. I always find it hard to take pics of my girls when we go out and they’re wearing something nice.

I’m getting bigger everyday. I feel so heavy. And it doesn’t help that i’m so undisciplined diet wise with my 3rd pregnancy. I’ll have my check up again within this week. Eeew I wonder how much I weigh now??? Abangan… :p

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