What’s in a name?

February 1, 2010 at 2:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I don’t know if I have shared the story of Maia’s name. It wasn’t supposed to be Maia. I have thought of a name for a second daughter years ago and it was supposed to be Fiona Simoune. It has the same initials as her older sister Frances Sofia and both names happen to have the exact number of letters! (12) And so the day came we found out I was pregnant with another girl. And her name was the least of the things I had to think about. Until one day I was lying in bed with Sofia and told her what we would name her baby sister… and her reaction was:

“i don’t like fiona mama..remember in Shrek (the movie) fiona turned ugly!”

I had a fit laughing! and then thought it over and was like, darn, she’s right. I picked the name Fiona because I liked the singer Fiona Apple. But it never crossed my mind that in my children’s generation, the name Fiona will always be associated with Shrek the movie. And Fiona, though a princess, was also an ogre! (que horror!)

So there I was on the last month of my pregnancy in panic thinking of what to rename her sister! I asked hubby to think of a name and he was the one who came up with Maya. I just decided to change the spelling to Maia.

Here I am now ready to give birth anytime and still haven’t decided what to name our little boy!! I know…bad… hopefully we won’t end up calling him “baby boy” lol!


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