10 things about me

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I was tagged by Odette eons ago and this draft has been sitting in the file for i don’t know how long so had to edit stuff…

1. I am a mother to a 5-going-on-15-year old kindergartner, a 15 month old & a 35wk old baby boy in my tummy as of this writing 🙂

2. I am very sentimental. I am also pack rat. I just can’t part with letters and other stuff friends have given through the years! I still have postcards/letters of classmates from elementary!!! I had boxes of them!

3. I collect a lot of things..teehee.. it started with letters and pictures of classmates… then late in highschool my mom started buying those happy meal toys for my then 5 yr old youngest sister. And i’ve picked up the hobby of collecting the toys since then. I also collect mugs. I started with mugs that fancy me or those I find cute when I started to work. Until hubby bought me my 1st starbucks citymug back in ’04. So now i’m just collecting those citymugs 🙂 I also have US commemorative quarters, a few shotglass…and the moo parade figurines.

4. I am a gypsy. Yup, no permanent address. I’ve lived in 5 cities between 3 countries since 2001. Keeping my fingers crossed that the current place we’re at is where we’ll be staying for good–or not. haha

5. I was a die hard fan of Francis Magalona from wayyyyyy back! as in grade 6! so i was only 12 then. So imagine my deep sadness when he passed away last yr… a day before we left for the US. I was crying while packing… so stressed about our departure and so heartbroken over what happened to Francis. Everything was just too much at that time 😦 Continue Reading 10 things about me…



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My little one’s a bit sick 😦 I noticed she had a runny nose this morning but didn’t really worry since she was all active and happy and eating. But come night time… ayayay! she had a hard time sleeping! she was so sleepy yet couldn’t really sleep coz she had a runny nose… and she wanted to be carried. I tried sitting down but she’d cry all the more 😦 and so finally she fell asleep and i was able to put her down just now. (and it’s past 12mn)

It’s really so sad when our kids get sick. Even if it’s just a cold. I’m hoping she’ll feel better in the morning. I don’t want her to be sick knowing i’m due to give birth anytime now. Sigh…

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