Me Day :)

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I was so glad when Odette called this morning and told me she is actually free today and can accompany me for a haircut. (Thanks a lot again!!) We went to the salon she goes to. Just had my hair layered. I enjoyed the blowing out part. Coz at my age I still don’t know how to blow dry my hair hehe.. After that we went to a different salon for a spa pedicure since the salon where I had my haircut was closing already. (they were only open until 5pm)  The girl who did my nails was really good. Magaan ang kamay. And I enjoyed the leg massage 😉 I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I last had this luxury. Then Odette and I went to church.

We met up with Jojo for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant.  And we all had a hearty meal. Then went to Seattle’s Best at Borders and more chika. Ofcourse I didn’t forget to get pasalubong for Iya. And i’m glad she liked it. (Backyardigans book with music cd–it’s one of her favorite tv shows)

I rarely go out without the kids in tow. (I think this is only the 3rd or 4th time I went out without them) And  believe me I felt guilty the whole time I was out. But I was so happy when I got home and was greeted by Maia’s ever sweet smile! She was practically jumping on the bed upon seeing me with arms stretched out! So I scooped her right away and gave her a tight hug and lots of kisses! Her reaction made me feel really good. I guess it’s because since we’re always together 24/7 I don’t get to feel how the kids miss me.

So that’s how my day went. Hopefully it won’t take a year again before I get to pamper myself a bit 😉


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