Vday 2010

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The pic above was taken outside the church after hearing mass. Couldn’t take a more decent pic of the two ‘coz Maia kept moving! We saw Easley and family and since they had no plans too, I suggested we all have lunch at New Canton again in Sacramento. I’m sorta craving for their siopao kasi hehe I already told Mike I wanted to eat there but we couldn’t go ‘coz he couldn’t remember how to get there! and we didn’t have our gps. Luckily Easley & family were okay with chinese food & they have gps so we just followed them 😉 I forgot to take pics while we were dining so here are some parking lot shots of the kids haha

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Aren’t the siblings cute? The older ones wore red, the younger ones wore pink 😉

After the hearty lunch, we headed to Arden Fair Mall. None of us had been there and since we had no plans nga we decided to check it out. Shopped a bit then had dinner at Johnny Rockets. While waiting for the food Maia enjoyed playing with Sofia’s wind toy thing (i dont know what it’s called) She was trying to blow really hard!

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She also enjoyed the 50’s music 😉 The mall was only open until 7pm so after dinner and resting we all headed back home. Not bad for our first Vday here in CA 🙂


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