My girls

February 16, 2010 at 10:43 pm | Posted in my girls | Leave a comment


They look like angels sleeping 🙂

They slept late today…past 10pm. I put them to bed a little past 8pm but Sofia decided she wanted to sleep beside me and Maia. I couldn’t convince her to go back to her room so I just let her stay. Unfortunately, Maia thought her big sister came in the room to play. And so no matter how hard Iya tried to ignore her little sister, she just couldn’t. Who could resist Maia’s smile/laughter anyway? 😀

I left the room to wash bottles and I can hear the two of them giggling. And slowly the giggles turned to crying…Maia was tired and sleepy so I went back and rocked her to sleep. So now i’ve got two girls on my bed. Goodluck to me in finding a space later. Hubby & I should’ve bought a king size bed!

But as I look at my girls sleeping, I can’t help but smile and be a bit sad coz they grow so fast! Infact Sofia’s turning 6 two months from now! and come November i’m gonna have a 2 yr old! I’m sure my life’s gonna be chaotic once their little brother comes out. Well actually it is chaotic now. hehe.. I guess I just need to savor every moment being a mother of two. I don’t know what lies ahead when I become a mother of three! And i’m gonna be a first time mom of a little boy 😉 Goodluck to me!


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