Vday 2010

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The pic above was taken outside the church after hearing mass. Couldn’t take a more decent pic of the two ‘coz Maia kept moving! We saw Easley and family and since they had no plans too, I suggested we all have lunch at New Canton again in Sacramento. I’m sorta craving for their siopao kasi hehe I already told Mike I wanted to eat there but we couldn’t go ‘coz he couldn’t remember how to get there! and we didn’t have our gps. Luckily Easley & family were okay with chinese food & they have gps so we just followed them 😉 I forgot to take pics while we were dining so here are some parking lot shots of the kids haha

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Aren’t the siblings cute? The older ones wore red, the younger ones wore pink 😉

After the hearty lunch, we headed to Arden Fair Mall. None of us had been there and since we had no plans nga we decided to check it out. Shopped a bit then had dinner at Johnny Rockets. While waiting for the food Maia enjoyed playing with Sofia’s wind toy thing (i dont know what it’s called) She was trying to blow really hard!

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She also enjoyed the 50’s music 😉 The mall was only open until 7pm so after dinner and resting we all headed back home. Not bad for our first Vday here in CA 🙂


Vday at school

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Since Valentine’s falls on a weekend, everyone at school celebrated last friday. Sofia came home and proudly gave me and hubby the card she made w/c was the one above.


It’s funny she wrote mom and dad ‘coz she calls us mama and papa. I bet that’s how the teacher dictated the wordings hehe they made this paper bag at school.


and these are the cards she gave away to her classmates. she wrote on all 30pcs (she complained halfway thru)


and these are the stuff she received in return


and oh, this was what she wore 😀 it’s a good thing i was able to purchase that shirt as early as last month. She really had a blast at school.

37th week

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Had my check up again earlier this afternoon. Everything’s good. My doctor’s still on leave so I met the midwife again. She gave me exercise tips 😉 After the check up I just asked hubby to drop us of at Emelyn’s so the kids can have a playdate. It’s been awhile too since I had a chat with Milyn so it’s time for chika updates! lol! We ended up staying there for dinner. Had to wait for hubby to pick us up. He got off work around 9pm. It was a fun day for the kids though Belle had quite a temper today. She kept getting upset with her older sister. Her mom was teasing that maybe the reason is coz it’s February that’s why she’s sooo moody! lol!

It has been a beautiful day today.
The sun was up,
air was nice… I didn’t even wear any jacket! Saw teenagers in shorts, even tank tops!
Some trees were abloom with pretty white flowers already.

Don’t have any plans for the weekend. It seemed only yesterday i’ve spent 2 valentines with Intel friends in Israel. I miss those guys. They were such a fun group! Iya was the princess ofcourse. He had a lot of yayo’s there hahaha Darn, most of the Israel pics were stored on my mac. I don’t know how i’ll be able retrieve them.

Let’s see how this weekend goes…

My poor,cranky baby

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Today’s Maia’s 15th month check up with her pediatrician and she was also scheduled for a couple of vaccine shots. As usual at the sight of the nurse, she cried on cue. No, make that she wailed like crazy. To think the last time she saw her was 3 months ago. She really doesn’t like that particular nurse hehe. Then after taking her weight and other measurements the doctor came in. And no matter how jolly her pedia was she was already in a bad mood.

So crying part 2.

And by that time, hubby had left me to pick up Iya from school. After checking her, (everything’s good) it’s time for her shots. And no matter how I position her I end up receiving a kick or two. Her pedia had already commented before that Maia is such a strong baby, and has quite a temper! He too had a hard time holding her still. She received shots on both thighs.

Wailing like crazy part 3. Ugh.

My poor baby 😦 Her check up’s are really stressful. I’m thinking of switching to a different doctor. (if only i can have that darn nurse disappear) I remember Iya being deathly afraid of her shots when she was under 2. But not the check up itself. Oh well, it’s gonna be another 3 months before she sees her enemy lol!

We headed off to McDonald’s for a snack afterwards. Wasn’t aware of the new happy meal toys. It’s a collection of penguins for a penguin movie. Forgot the title but they are the penguins from the movie Madagascar. There’s 8 to collect so hopefully we can get ’em all.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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Sofia was so excited when she woke up this morning…”mama, it’s chinese new year today! we’re gonna make dragons!” and so upon returning home from school she was all smiles and showed me the dragon she made 🙂 I was also surprised to see that she had ang pao. (red envelope) She said her teacher gave the class a shiny penny each inside. She still doesn’t know the value of money here in the US so she was just as happy to receive a coin lol!

She also had another suprise for me, she was a super speller again! (meaning she got 10 out of 10 in her spelling test) So for that I gave her a quarter to put in her piggy bank. (am I such a cheapo? lol! eversince we got her piggybank, we told her we’d give her a quarter each time she does something good like fixing her bed, hanging her jacket etc) So far she’s satisfied with the quarters 😉

Happy Meal Set 3

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These are 2009 Happy Meal Littlest Pet Shop. I really don’t know how many they were but these are the ones I found in her toybox. Maia enjoys playing with them. You can remove the animal from it’s cage. The head of the animals bobble a bit when you move/shake them.

Twinkle Toes

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Sofia wore her new sneaker today. Bought it last week, the same day I bought myself a book. It’s called Twinkle Toes by skechers. It lights up 😀 She wanted the pair the 1st time she saw it last month at Nordstrom. (or rather the 1st time the salesperson showed it to her!) I kept reminding her to refrain from stomping her feet inside the class to make it light up ‘coz her teacher might not like it.

My daughter’s feet grows so fast! Just last month I was surprised when we went out to buy her rainboots. I asked for a size 13. (coz that was her size the last time I bought her shoes) and the salesperson was like, “why don’t we check her shoesize to be sure” and to my amazement, she’s a size 2 already! No wonder she’s been complaining that her converse is tight na daw. I thought she was just making excuses to be able to wear her winter boots instead of her sneakers. Come spring, she’s gonna need new sandals naman. (and new clothes too i bet) Oh well, we’ve got a fast growing kid 🙂

Lazy Sunday

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I finally bought the book “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls the other day. Whenever I go to the bookstore and see that book, it’s like it’s one of those books that I think I have to buy and I don’t know why. So last night I started reading it. And darn, after a few pages I knew right away i’ve read the book na pala!! I did read the synopsis at the back cover of the book ofcourse but it didn’t seem familiar. Only when I started reading it did I realize that I actually have read it. Now I remember borrowing the book from my youngest sister. The reason probably why I didn’t remember reading it before is the fact that the book wasn’t mine. Oh well, the last time I read it was a couple of years ago so….. (the bad thing I suppose is that now i’m thinking it must not have had an impact on me coz I didn’t remember it!)

Anyway, it was just another sunday. Hubby bought pasta from Olive Garden for lunch (it’s been years since we last dined there hehe) Sofia loved the lasagna. And she enjoyed saying the word lasagna over and over like crazy! lol! (mom, can you make lasagna for my baon at school so that when my friends ask what it is i’ll tell them “oh, it’s lasagna”–with matching batting eyelashes!)

Around 6pm I suddenly remembered we had to buy valentine cards for her classmates at school! Hubby’s gonna be too busy at work for sure to drive us during the week so I asked him to accompany us to target pronto! hehe… picked up a total of 40 (gulp!) cards, gift for her teacher, a disney princess toothpaste for princess Sofia and a few more things. There’s a lot of cute spring clothes right now and I was sooooo tempted to get a few for the girls but stopped myself. It’s baby sale over at Old Navy’s so hopefully I can go check ’em out soon haha…

Me Day :)

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I was so glad when Odette called this morning and told me she is actually free today and can accompany me for a haircut. (Thanks a lot again!!) We went to the salon she goes to. Just had my hair layered. I enjoyed the blowing out part. Coz at my age I still don’t know how to blow dry my hair hehe.. After that we went to a different salon for a spa pedicure since the salon where I had my haircut was closing already. (they were only open until 5pm)  The girl who did my nails was really good. Magaan ang kamay. And I enjoyed the leg massage 😉 I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I last had this luxury. Then Odette and I went to church.

We met up with Jojo for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant.  And we all had a hearty meal. Then went to Seattle’s Best at Borders and more chika. Ofcourse I didn’t forget to get pasalubong for Iya. And i’m glad she liked it. (Backyardigans book with music cd–it’s one of her favorite tv shows)

I rarely go out without the kids in tow. (I think this is only the 3rd or 4th time I went out without them) And  believe me I felt guilty the whole time I was out. But I was so happy when I got home and was greeted by Maia’s ever sweet smile! She was practically jumping on the bed upon seeing me with arms stretched out! So I scooped her right away and gave her a tight hug and lots of kisses! Her reaction made me feel really good. I guess it’s because since we’re always together 24/7 I don’t get to feel how the kids miss me.

So that’s how my day went. Hopefully it won’t take a year again before I get to pamper myself a bit 😉


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Had my check up today. I’m 36weeks and 4days preggers 😀 My OB-Gyn wasn’t around (she had surgery) so I was seen by a certified midwife. I really liked her. Well, I like my doctor too. But she just talks way to fast. The midwife was very motherly and she seemed oh so kind. Baby’s doing okay. She’s guessing my little boy’s gonna be a 7 pounder. (blame it on soda and chocolates!! haha!!) I told her my 2 girls were small coz they were born 6.2 & 6.6lbs respectively.

I told her i’m just a tad nervous these days . Then she explained that although my doctor told me I was already 1cm dilated as of last week, it’s only because this is my 3rd pregnancy already. I need not worry too much about giving birth agad. Some moms daw are dilated for a month! She kept telling me to feel free to ask her anything, w/c was nice. She asked how many kids I have. And when she learned I have a 15month old she advised me right away regarding how to carry her esp after I give birth. I should be extremely careful about lifting anything. Ofcourse I know that already. I wish I can refrain myself from carrying Maia or lifting anything but sometimes I just really have to. There’s nobody else around to help me. I wish my parents were here. 😦

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