runny nose

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On the way home…

“Mama, remember when I got sick? I had fever, cough and RUNNING nose, all at the same time?”

Hubby and I burst out laughing! I wanted to reply “yes anak, remember i captured your nose so you won’t have sipon anymore” LOL!


1st week of 2011

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Wow, haven’t blogged in a loooong time. So let me give you an update:

My little boy turned 10months old last January 3. Can’t believe that in two months time he’ll be one!!! he hasn’t started walking yet. But he does try to take steps. And he can stand without anyone holding him for a few seconds.

Maia turned 2 last Nov. We just celebrated at home. Just the 5 of us.

Sofia will turn 7 in a couple of months. Thinking of having a double celebration for her and Franco.

The kids are all sick as of this writing. The eldest was the first one. Had a fever the night of the 1st day of the year. Then it was on and off fever for about 2days. When the fever was gone, sniffles followed. She was feeling better enough to attend school for 2 days. But then she developed a bad cough. Then Maia had a fever. Followed by colds. And my little boy has one too 😦 Argh… And the very cold weather is not helping at all.

Talk about starting the year wrong.

This time last year

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Feb 7th last year Maia turned 3 months old. I always bought my favorite marble chocolate cake from Goldilocks starting when she was a month old. And now she is a year and 3 months and soon to be big sister! How time flies!


I had my check up this afternoon and I was late! Like 20 mins late! My doctor thought i might be at the hospital already! argh, so embarassing! So anyway, so far so good for me. Hopefully i’ll deliver within this week since she said she’ll be on duty during the weekend.

Sigh…. I know this is my third but i’m still so not ready 😦 I’m always praying my labor and delivery will go smoothly. Much like with Maia’s. It took about 6 hours from the time I got admitted up to when Maia came out. And that’s a big improvement because with Sofia, I labored for 24 hours! Hopefully I won’t go way past my duedate. I don’t want to be induced. Hay… I feel like it’s my 1st time all over again. Dang.

My girls

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They look like angels sleeping 🙂

They slept late today…past 10pm. I put them to bed a little past 8pm but Sofia decided she wanted to sleep beside me and Maia. I couldn’t convince her to go back to her room so I just let her stay. Unfortunately, Maia thought her big sister came in the room to play. And so no matter how hard Iya tried to ignore her little sister, she just couldn’t. Who could resist Maia’s smile/laughter anyway? 😀

I left the room to wash bottles and I can hear the two of them giggling. And slowly the giggles turned to crying…Maia was tired and sleepy so I went back and rocked her to sleep. So now i’ve got two girls on my bed. Goodluck to me in finding a space later. Hubby & I should’ve bought a king size bed!

But as I look at my girls sleeping, I can’t help but smile and be a bit sad coz they grow so fast! Infact Sofia’s turning 6 two months from now! and come November i’m gonna have a 2 yr old! I’m sure my life’s gonna be chaotic once their little brother comes out. Well actually it is chaotic now. hehe.. I guess I just need to savor every moment being a mother of two. I don’t know what lies ahead when I become a mother of three! And i’m gonna be a first time mom of a little boy 😉 Goodluck to me!

Beautiful Day

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Yes, another beautiful day. Sun was out, cool breeze, you can almost taste spring 🙂 Plus Odette gave us krispy kreme donuts for pasalubong!!! She went to SFO yday and it was really so thoughtful of her to get us some kk’s coz there’s none here in our area. Thanks again 🙂

Had a post valentines lunch with Intel friends. No work and classes here in Folsom so we were all able to go out on a weekday. Yummy food at Red Lobster. I really like their ceasar salad 🙂 We had 2 servers, one was a guy, the other a big lady. While eating we all couldn’t help but notice that Maia would cry everytime the lady server would go to our table or even just pass by! And unfortunately for her, our server was very attentive and kept coming back to check on us! So Maia would squirm/pout/cry everytime! But when the server turns to leave she follows her with her eyes naman! lol! as in nililingon pa!

Went to the mall after. Wasn’t really planning on buying anything. Maia fell asleep on her stroller so we just let her be. While waiting for her to wake up, I finally had my eyebrows done! I can now face the world a little bit more confidently with my threaded brows! haha… Surprisingly, hubby was impressed with how the girl did my brows. It was nice. She was good. Worth the $15 :p

Had dinner at Olive Garden near our place. (minus friends–we all went our separate ways after lunch) It was my first time there. The interior of the resto was really nice and clean. You’d think they just opened! And our server was muy simpatico and really suave! Maia liked him 😀 I loved the chicken and gnocchi soup (so did maia) and I had lasagna for my entree. Too bad I forgot the camera in the car. I was so full I thought I wouldn’t be able to get up! no kidding! lol!!!

My girls wore the same outfit today. And I don’t have a decent picture to show for. I always find it hard to take pics of my girls when we go out and they’re wearing something nice.

I’m getting bigger everyday. I feel so heavy. And it doesn’t help that i’m so undisciplined diet wise with my 3rd pregnancy. I’ll have my check up again within this week. Eeew I wonder how much I weigh now??? Abangan… :p

Vday 2010

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Photobucket Photobucket


The pic above was taken outside the church after hearing mass. Couldn’t take a more decent pic of the two ‘coz Maia kept moving! We saw Easley and family and since they had no plans too, I suggested we all have lunch at New Canton again in Sacramento. I’m sorta craving for their siopao kasi hehe I already told Mike I wanted to eat there but we couldn’t go ‘coz he couldn’t remember how to get there! and we didn’t have our gps. Luckily Easley & family were okay with chinese food & they have gps so we just followed them 😉 I forgot to take pics while we were dining so here are some parking lot shots of the kids haha

Photobucket Photobucket

Aren’t the siblings cute? The older ones wore red, the younger ones wore pink 😉

After the hearty lunch, we headed to Arden Fair Mall. None of us had been there and since we had no plans nga we decided to check it out. Shopped a bit then had dinner at Johnny Rockets. While waiting for the food Maia enjoyed playing with Sofia’s wind toy thing (i dont know what it’s called) She was trying to blow really hard!

Photobucket Photobucket

She also enjoyed the 50’s music 😉 The mall was only open until 7pm so after dinner and resting we all headed back home. Not bad for our first Vday here in CA 🙂

Vday at school

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Since Valentine’s falls on a weekend, everyone at school celebrated last friday. Sofia came home and proudly gave me and hubby the card she made w/c was the one above.


It’s funny she wrote mom and dad ‘coz she calls us mama and papa. I bet that’s how the teacher dictated the wordings hehe they made this paper bag at school.


and these are the cards she gave away to her classmates. she wrote on all 30pcs (she complained halfway thru)


and these are the stuff she received in return


and oh, this was what she wore 😀 it’s a good thing i was able to purchase that shirt as early as last month. She really had a blast at school.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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Sofia was so excited when she woke up this morning…”mama, it’s chinese new year today! we’re gonna make dragons!” and so upon returning home from school she was all smiles and showed me the dragon she made 🙂 I was also surprised to see that she had ang pao. (red envelope) She said her teacher gave the class a shiny penny each inside. She still doesn’t know the value of money here in the US so she was just as happy to receive a coin lol!

She also had another suprise for me, she was a super speller again! (meaning she got 10 out of 10 in her spelling test) So for that I gave her a quarter to put in her piggy bank. (am I such a cheapo? lol! eversince we got her piggybank, we told her we’d give her a quarter each time she does something good like fixing her bed, hanging her jacket etc) So far she’s satisfied with the quarters 😉

December 2009 update

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I had my 28th week check up yesterday and thank goodness everything’s good 🙂 The result of the glucose screening was also negative for diabetes and my blood test showed i’m not anemic so yay for that! I can now continue eating sweets galore! haha..

Yesterday was also Sofia’s dental check up and she was happy to go home with another lootbag from her dentist! (new toothbrush,toothpaste, floss, bubble thingy) And her teeth are still in perfect condition, no cavities at all. She’s 5 1/2 now and so far so good and I thank myself for not spoiling her with soda and sweets early on. hehe

My little Maia is doing great! She is 13months now. Last night her Ninang Odette was at home and as usual she was her smiling bubbly self. She loves walking around the apt, she babbles a lot too! She can say the word “bye” now whereas before she would only wave and she started to learn to blow kisses too! (flying kiss)

I’ll post pictures as soon as i relearn how to do them 😉


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Yesterday I thought of fixing Maia’s hair. i wanted to see if i can do pigtails. and I did! I thought kasi her hair was still too short but i managed to fix them hehe. Then Iya saw her sister and she was delighted with the new look.

“mama, i like maia’s hair…she’s stylish!”

Mike and i both laughed. Nagulat naman kasi kami. o diba stylish daw. I don’t remember using that term pa with her that’s why we were quite surprised hearing her say that. But atleast diba she appreciated her baby sister’s new do. 🙂

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