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Sweet surprise

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Saturday started quite uneventfully. Around 4pm I asked hubby if we can go to the mall to look for a new pair of sandals for iya coz she already outgrew the ones we bought last yr. We were quite unsuccessful so we just decided to go ahead and have dinner at the food court. I tried the mongolian food there for the first time and it was good. Sofia had a mcdonald’s meal, as always. haha I was hoping we could still walk around a bit but then hubby said that their technician from work called and that they were having problems so he has to bring us home already so he could go to the office. I didn’t make any protests anymore ‘coz it’s work. As if there’s anything i can do about it. :p

And so we arrived home, I started picking up stuff we left before we went to the mall…when we heard the doorbell ring. We weren’t expecting anyone so I wondered who it was. Sofia opened the door and I saw Emelyn. She drops by every now and then so no big deal…but then I saw her holding baloons and she said “surprise!” and then I saw lei and family and the rest of milyn’s family too! I was like..woah! It was a little baby shower surprise for me! 😀 They brought gifts and food. And they only talked about the surprise earlier in the day.

I was not expecting any baby shower anymore since my sister and bestfriends are not here. My sister was the one who organized my baby shower for Sofia. And it was a surprise too! I would’ve wanted a shower for our baby boy but I know I couldn’t count on Mike since he’s all too busy at work. I’m too embarassed to organize it myself ‘coz I believe that family or friends are the ones who should organize those type of things. ;p So i’m really grateful to Lei and Milyn for giving me/my boy this little shower 🙂 It’s a good thing Odette was able to drop by eventhough she was tired already coz she had attended a baptism earlier, 3hours away.

After they left (around 2am, sunday hehe) Sofia hugged me and said “thank you mama for my surprise playdate!” and I couldn’t help but smile! She thought all along that it was a suprise for her!!! lol! She’s always looking forward kasi to play with Mariella and Belle that’s why 🙂

37th week

February 12, 2010 at 11:19 pm | Posted in myself and i, pregnancy | 2 Comments

Had my check up again earlier this afternoon. Everything’s good. My doctor’s still on leave so I met the midwife again. She gave me exercise tips 😉 After the check up I just asked hubby to drop us of at Emelyn’s so the kids can have a playdate. It’s been awhile too since I had a chat with Milyn so it’s time for chika updates! lol! We ended up staying there for dinner. Had to wait for hubby to pick us up. He got off work around 9pm. It was a fun day for the kids though Belle had quite a temper today. She kept getting upset with her older sister. Her mom was teasing that maybe the reason is coz it’s February that’s why she’s sooo moody! lol!

It has been a beautiful day today.
The sun was up,
air was nice… I didn’t even wear any jacket! Saw teenagers in shorts, even tank tops!
Some trees were abloom with pretty white flowers already.

Don’t have any plans for the weekend. It seemed only yesterday i’ve spent 2 valentines with Intel friends in Israel. I miss those guys. They were such a fun group! Iya was the princess ofcourse. He had a lot of yayo’s there hahaha Darn, most of the Israel pics were stored on my mac. I don’t know how i’ll be able retrieve them.

Let’s see how this weekend goes…

Me Day :)

February 6, 2010 at 11:05 pm | Posted in myself and i | Leave a comment


I was so glad when Odette called this morning and told me she is actually free today and can accompany me for a haircut. (Thanks a lot again!!) We went to the salon she goes to. Just had my hair layered. I enjoyed the blowing out part. Coz at my age I still don’t know how to blow dry my hair hehe.. After that we went to a different salon for a spa pedicure since the salon where I had my haircut was closing already. (they were only open until 5pm)  The girl who did my nails was really good. Magaan ang kamay. And I enjoyed the leg massage 😉 I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I last had this luxury. Then Odette and I went to church.

We met up with Jojo for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant.  And we all had a hearty meal. Then went to Seattle’s Best at Borders and more chika. Ofcourse I didn’t forget to get pasalubong for Iya. And i’m glad she liked it. (Backyardigans book with music cd–it’s one of her favorite tv shows)

I rarely go out without the kids in tow. (I think this is only the 3rd or 4th time I went out without them) And  believe me I felt guilty the whole time I was out. But I was so happy when I got home and was greeted by Maia’s ever sweet smile! She was practically jumping on the bed upon seeing me with arms stretched out! So I scooped her right away and gave her a tight hug and lots of kisses! Her reaction made me feel really good. I guess it’s because since we’re always together 24/7 I don’t get to feel how the kids miss me.

So that’s how my day went. Hopefully it won’t take a year again before I get to pamper myself a bit 😉

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