This time last year

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Feb 7th last year Maia turned 3 months old. I always bought my favorite marble chocolate cake from Goldilocks starting when she was a month old. And now she is a year and 3 months and soon to be big sister! How time flies!


I had my check up this afternoon and I was late! Like 20 mins late! My doctor thought i might be at the hospital already! argh, so embarassing! So anyway, so far so good for me. Hopefully i’ll deliver within this week since she said she’ll be on duty during the weekend.

Sigh…. I know this is my third but i’m still so not ready 😦 I’m always praying my labor and delivery will go smoothly. Much like with Maia’s. It took about 6 hours from the time I got admitted up to when Maia came out. And that’s a big improvement because with Sofia, I labored for 24 hours! Hopefully I won’t go way past my duedate. I don’t want to be induced. Hay… I feel like it’s my 1st time all over again. Dang.


38th week

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Had my check up this morning. My Doctor’s back. She didn’t do any i.e. today, next week daw. And finally, I was able to discuss with her episiotomy, epidural and circumcision. You see back home, episiotomy and epidural are a given. It’s up to the patient if you request not to have it. Well here in the US i found out, it’s the other way around. You’re given an epidural only when you request it (and still depends on how far along you’re dilated) and they let you tear naturally instead of doing an episiotomy. I wonder how my ob back home will react. She might think que horror with the natural tearing and letting the vajayjay stretch out as far as it can go. Oh well…

After the quick check up, we met up with Odette, Jojo, Emelyn and the girls for lunch at Aloha Sushi near our place. (too bad Easley wasn’t able to join us) I wanted to try the food there since Emelyn said it was good. I had the salmon bento box (rice, salad,salmon,veggie tempura & 4 california rolls) Sofia had 2 servings of shrimp tempura, so that was 8 big pieces! Glad she liked it. Maia was so demanding during lunch! It’s like you haven’t been feeding her! lol! We then walked to Coldstone which was one store away for dessert. Sofia tried the cotton candy icecream w/c had an attractive blue greenish color (tasted good) and I had the birthday cake mix (cake batter icecream with sprinkles,brownies and fudge) yummy!! It’s been awhile since I ate icecream so it was such a treat 😉 too bad I didn’t bring the camera.

After the rest of the guys went back to work, Emelyn & I just walked and shopped a bit at Broadstone plaza with the kids. Bought Iya headbands, a skirt and a shirt at Old Navy. (i was able to finally use my $5 off coupon) I wanted to get Maia one spring dress but they didn’t have the size I wanted. And before heading back home we couldn’t possibly not go to Borders. And that’s where Maia fell asleep hehe It’s our kids’ library since the public library is far from our place. Atleast with Borders,we can just walk over there from our apartment.

It’s been another good day. Good weather too. Days certainly pass by quickly!

37th week

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Had my check up again earlier this afternoon. Everything’s good. My doctor’s still on leave so I met the midwife again. She gave me exercise tips 😉 After the check up I just asked hubby to drop us of at Emelyn’s so the kids can have a playdate. It’s been awhile too since I had a chat with Milyn so it’s time for chika updates! lol! We ended up staying there for dinner. Had to wait for hubby to pick us up. He got off work around 9pm. It was a fun day for the kids though Belle had quite a temper today. She kept getting upset with her older sister. Her mom was teasing that maybe the reason is coz it’s February that’s why she’s sooo moody! lol!

It has been a beautiful day today.
The sun was up,
air was nice… I didn’t even wear any jacket! Saw teenagers in shorts, even tank tops!
Some trees were abloom with pretty white flowers already.

Don’t have any plans for the weekend. It seemed only yesterday i’ve spent 2 valentines with Intel friends in Israel. I miss those guys. They were such a fun group! Iya was the princess ofcourse. He had a lot of yayo’s there hahaha Darn, most of the Israel pics were stored on my mac. I don’t know how i’ll be able retrieve them.

Let’s see how this weekend goes…


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Had my check up today. I’m 36weeks and 4days preggers 😀 My OB-Gyn wasn’t around (she had surgery) so I was seen by a certified midwife. I really liked her. Well, I like my doctor too. But she just talks way to fast. The midwife was very motherly and she seemed oh so kind. Baby’s doing okay. She’s guessing my little boy’s gonna be a 7 pounder. (blame it on soda and chocolates!! haha!!) I told her my 2 girls were small coz they were born 6.2 & 6.6lbs respectively.

I told her i’m just a tad nervous these days . Then she explained that although my doctor told me I was already 1cm dilated as of last week, it’s only because this is my 3rd pregnancy already. I need not worry too much about giving birth agad. Some moms daw are dilated for a month! She kept telling me to feel free to ask her anything, w/c was nice. She asked how many kids I have. And when she learned I have a 15month old she advised me right away regarding how to carry her esp after I give birth. I should be extremely careful about lifting anything. Ofcourse I know that already. I wish I can refrain myself from carrying Maia or lifting anything but sometimes I just really have to. There’s nobody else around to help me. I wish my parents were here. 😦

December 2009 update

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I had my 28th week check up yesterday and thank goodness everything’s good 🙂 The result of the glucose screening was also negative for diabetes and my blood test showed i’m not anemic so yay for that! I can now continue eating sweets galore! haha..

Yesterday was also Sofia’s dental check up and she was happy to go home with another lootbag from her dentist! (new toothbrush,toothpaste, floss, bubble thingy) And her teeth are still in perfect condition, no cavities at all. She’s 5 1/2 now and so far so good and I thank myself for not spoiling her with soda and sweets early on. hehe

My little Maia is doing great! She is 13months now. Last night her Ninang Odette was at home and as usual she was her smiling bubbly self. She loves walking around the apt, she babbles a lot too! She can say the word “bye” now whereas before she would only wave and she started to learn to blow kisses too! (flying kiss)

I’ll post pictures as soon as i relearn how to do them 😉

3rd time’s the charm!

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I haven’t updated my dear blog for god knows how long… but this update is sure worth the wait!

I’m currently pregnant with baby number 3….. yup! you read that right haha… anyway i’m currently on my 20th week and we spent practically the whole afternoon going to 3 diff appointments!

The 1st one was the highlight of the day and the most anticipated since it was for an ultrasound. Then we had to go to a different office for bloodwork and stuff (the nurse took 5 vials worth of blood i thought i would faint lol!) and the last was my 20th wk appt with the OB-gyn.

And now the ultrasound story:

The sonologist asked if she could just 1st do all the measurements and stuff  before she’d show us anything on the monitor. So there I was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling while hubby was sitting quietly….. and after an eternity of waiting for the sonologist to finish, it was time for her to tell us about the baby. She 1st showed the profile, checked all body parts etc and the most important of all…. the gender of the baby!! You can tell that hubby and I were really anxious to what it was… and the sonologist was like “okay i’ll try my very best to give you the best view and to make sure i’m sure with the gender” and lo and behold there it was…. our baby’s little birdie!!! you can tell it was practically standing at attention!! lol!! Hubby stood up, went near the monitor and was like “really!!???”  like a few times! It’s a B-O-Y!! haha! the sonologist kept congratulating us and said “third time’s a charm for you guys huh” and indeed it was 🙂


I still can’t believe that I have a little boy inside me… and you know what, Ate Sofia was right again with the gender! Ang lakas ng pakiramdam talaga 🙂

Ate knows best!

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After attempting to know our baby number 2’s gender on three separate uiltrasounds… it was finally revealed yesterday! And we’re having……. another princess!!! You should’ve seen Ate Iya’s reaction–priceless!! She was sooooo happy! She was right all along, that she’s gonna have a baby sister! I was just even waiting for her to blurt out “i told you so!” but all she managed to say was “see, i have a baby sister!” and she kept on giving me kisses. She stood on a stool beside me all throughout the session. There was a huge monitor in front of us but she didn’t want to sit on the sofa to watch. She was standing beside me making sure I was okay 😀 She was watching at the small monitor where the sonologist was looking. And Iya was talking non-stop! commenting..asking questions..

We were all so delighted with the experience. This was my 1st 4D. During Iya’s time only 3D was available. What a huge difference! And my parents were with me, iya and my youngest sister. The ultrasound I had yesterday wasn’t actually planned. My OB wanted it around 30wks. But we were at the mall…and I got bored and passed by the ultrasound company… and I really really wanted to know the gender and I decided to go for it! I just asked baby number 2 to please please let me know now if she’s a girl or a boy. And luckily the first time the sonologist looked, there it was…her vajayjay! lol! 😀 At first I couldn’t understand since the sonologist just said ” this are her lips” and i was like…hmm where are the other parts of her face??? and she burst out laughing and apologized because what she meant was she was pointing to the lips or labia of the vajayjay! nyahahaha!

We witnessed the little one yawn..then put her fingers inside her mouth..and she even gave us a little smile, which the sonologist was able to capture! (too bad can’t post any pic i don’t have a scanner) she was moving a lot! I can’t wait to go back on my 30th week. I’ll get the package which includes a dvd recording of the whole session. It’s really amazing! 4D is a bit expensive but really worth it! Imagine showing it to your child when she’s old enough and telling her it’s a dvd recording of her while inside mommy’s tummy!

I’m on my 7th month now… time flies! Now, we’ve to think of a name 🙂


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I know… haven’t blogged since forever! lol! a lot has happened since I last wrote something…

…My precious Mac is dead 😦 won’t dwell into details. Let’s just say the repair/replacement of all the parts would cost me a brand new one! I miss my laptop but i can manage. I don’t wanna spend too much on anything since we have a baby on the way.  Baby expenses come first.

…Had a pregnancy scare.. thank God everything’s okay now. I’m on my 24th week. baby’s doing good. My OB just wants me to eat,eat, eat! Not that i am not eating ofcourse! Can’t wait til the end of the month for my check up and ultrasound. Hopefully we’ll see clearly now if baby 2 is a girl or a boy 🙂

My little girl’s doing good in school. She has her favorite friends and an itsy bitsy crush on this cute boy named Hans 😉 But if you tease or ask her, Eric is still her boyfriend. (eric of little mermaid) I just noticed that in the morning if we arrive earlier than Hans, iya always looks for him. And when she sees him aba sinasalubong pa with matching very sweet “goodmorning Hans!” Even if her other boy classmates are there and i tell her to say hi to them, she won’t. She only has eyes for hans ika nga! loL!

Well i guess that’s it for now. It sucks that I can’t even upload pictures… oh well…..

Hope all of you are doing great!

A little update

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Been sick since friday night… just when i thought i’ve finished the last on my to do list 😦

Was finally able to see my OB-gyne at SLMC last friday afternoon. Everything is okay. She’s happy with my lab tests. Baby is 16 weeks and i was able to hear the heartbeat for the 1st time 🙂 Too bad iya went out of the room. (‘coz she said she was so hungry! the secretary said eating isn’t allowed in the clinic) Dr. Pichay was also surprised and delighted to see that Iya’s all grown up! she hasn’t seen her since I got discharged from the hospital 4yrs ago hahaha! And my doctor said she hopes my 2nd baby will be a boy hehe

Soon after the check up we looked for some place to eat and off to jollibee we went since iya wanted “brown chicken”. Boy there’s a lot of resto’s/ fastfood to choose from now along e. rodriguez! My little girl had 1 pc chicken joy and rice. I had palabok. And she consumed half my palabok after she finished her meal! She has a big appetite esp when she likes what she’s eating! I had to get myself a tuna pie (something new.. quite good naman) dahil nabitin ako sa palabok!

And then by the time we reached home…i was sniffling already… then saturday it was a full blown cold already and my whole body ached! i wasn’t able to go with my family to hear mass sunday morning. I’ve been drinking lots of water and calamansi juice.

I feel a bit better but still a little sluggish at the same time…

lots of drafts here awaiting editing and posting…;)

hope you’re doing great wherever you might be!

Iya and the baby

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Iya loves kissing my tummy and talking to the baby inside…

“hi baby!! you’re so beautiful! and so cute!”

smile fades from her face….

“mama, the baby is not answering!!!” lol!

Ofcourse she doesn’t quite understand a lot of things yet so we have to explain. She can’t wait to play with the baby 🙂 It’s funny how when i think about it, Iya was the 1st one to sense i was pregnant! She kept touching my tummy early february and kept asking if she has a baby sister already. Yup, she wants a baby sister. Whenever hubby and I tell her what about a baby brother… she then will say “okay,baby sister AND baby brother!” oh boy! good thing twins don’t run in the family 😉

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