Vday at school

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Since Valentine’s falls on a weekend, everyone at school celebrated last friday. Sofia came home and proudly gave me and hubby the card she made w/c was the one above.


It’s funny she wrote mom and dad ‘coz she calls us mama and papa. I bet that’s how the teacher dictated the wordings hehe they made this paper bag at school.


and these are the cards she gave away to her classmates. she wrote on all 30pcs (she complained halfway thru)


and these are the stuff she received in return


and oh, this was what she wore 😀 it’s a good thing i was able to purchase that shirt as early as last month. She really had a blast at school.


Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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Sofia was so excited when she woke up this morning…”mama, it’s chinese new year today! we’re gonna make dragons!” and so upon returning home from school she was all smiles and showed me the dragon she made 🙂 I was also surprised to see that she had ang pao. (red envelope) She said her teacher gave the class a shiny penny each inside. She still doesn’t know the value of money here in the US so she was just as happy to receive a coin lol!

She also had another suprise for me, she was a super speller again! (meaning she got 10 out of 10 in her spelling test) So for that I gave her a quarter to put in her piggy bank. (am I such a cheapo? lol! eversince we got her piggybank, we told her we’d give her a quarter each time she does something good like fixing her bed, hanging her jacket etc) So far she’s satisfied with the quarters 😉

My little girl’s 1st day in school :)

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My h.s. friend Wen was right, i’d wake up early today 😀 5:38 am to be exact 😉 and that’s without any alarm! We were chatting a few weeks ago and I mentioned that I always wake up late. I get up no earlier than 9am. (blame it on pregnancy? lol!) And I was worrying I might not be able to wake up early enough when Iya starts school. But she told me not to worry ‘coz for sure the excited mommy in me will wake up early no matter what!

And so while my little girl was still in dreamland I prepared breakfast downstairs. Woke her up a little before 7am, (iya baby wake up now, you’re going to school today! “huh? now??”) She had rice, poached egg, corned beef and a glass of milk. And I sliced a whole apple for her snack in school.


We arrived at school about 10mins beore 8:30am. There was another boy who’s an early bird who happened to be his classmate. So the two sort of bonded first 🙂 It was close to 9am already and I thought it was just going to be the two of them! But teacher Haizel told me there were 9 students in Kinder1 morning class. And they did appear albeit late :p


So they started off by tracing their name on a sheet of paper. I entered the room not aware that they were writing their name. I just wanted to tell the teacher that we use Iya’s 2nd name Sofia more often than Frances. And she suddenly said “ay kaya pala!” turned out while giving the paper, teacher Haizel told iya “okay now, it’s time to trace your name frances” to w/c my daughter replied “but I am sofia” nyahaha… She does know to give her full name when asked what her name is. But she’s used to being addressed as Sofia or Iya. Teacher also said Iya has a classmate who’s 1st name is Zsofia.
So now we have to call her Frances more often so that there wouldn’t be any confusion in class.


They sang a few songs and after that I got tired of standing outside the small window by the door to watch her..hehe They also had a 15 minute play time. And after 2hours it was goodbye teacher. (they will have their regular 3hour class starting next week.) The students also received their 3 books (science, math, writing/phonics) and 3 notebooks (one of which was already covered in plastic with their name on it! hmm… i wonder why they didn’t cover the other 2 lol!)


We went to SM North, had a hearty lunch. And since Iya got her books already, I bought her a backpack. Ofcourse it had to be a minnie mouse too! It was on sale also so yipee! I bought her additional socks and panties (kids can’t have enough of those anyway ;))


So that’s how her 1st day went. Hoping the rest of her school days will be as exciting for her 🙂

Iya’s school stuff!

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After enrolling her we went to the mall to get her some stuff. I only originally thought of getting her new shoes but I found my basket soon filling up! I didn’t realize that she’d need a lot more! new socks, new panties etc etc… and the school required a “hygiene kit” which we had to make by using an old shoe box. It should contain things like extra clothes, soap, powder, face towel, toothbrush etc. The mention of the hygiene kit actually made me smile. Coz I remember we had them also. Well I don’t really remember my box, but definitely my sisters and I had them in preschool 🙂

here are some pics

Photobucket she picked out her shoes!

Speaking of shoes, as I was looking around I couldn’t believe that some barbie shoes cost 1,300php! Same price as florsheim. While the rest of the barbie shoes hover at 600+ So I asked the salesman how come? And he said the ones that are more expensive has real leather while the cheaper ones are synthetic.

Photobucket and she chose her lunch box too!

I didn’t buy her a school bag yet since I have no idea how many things she has to bring. All the materials will be given on the 1st day of school. Atleast that saves me from having to look over dozens of notebooks and have to decide which design is cuter! hehe… But for now, she likes Minnie Mouse. Disneyland hang over pa ito! lol! So i’ll probably get her a Minnie Mouse backpack soon 😉

At one point during our shopping, she asked if all the things in the basket were hers. (it was nearly overflowing!) And I said yes! And it’s like she couldn’t believe it! lol!

The search is over!

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And finally, after sleepless nights deciding where my daughter would attend school I found one that was near our place and where my daughter would hopefully enjoy and grow. (fingers crossed!)

The preschool is relatively new. I think they opened only about 4years ago. But I was willing to try this school because of the ff reasons:

– it’s near our place
– low student-teacher ratio. for Kinder 1 they have 10-15 students max per class.
– very accommodating teachers
– the rooms were airconditioned and very lively..err colorful. The students’ art works were displayed on the walls.
– they use progressive-montessori method as a way of teaching
– the directress was a former teacher at Early Achievers and I guess she adapted almost everything in her preschool (the rooms were almost the same as early achievers, uniform is checkered and almost sailor type too hehe)

I hope I made the right choice. I just want my daughter to enjoy and at the same time learn without being pressured too much. I already enrolled her so everything is paid for. The price of the school uniform i found a bit steep. The price of the blouse was different from the price of the jumper. And prices also differ according to size. Students are to wear the uniform from Mod-Thurs. Then P.E. uniform on fridays.

On the way to the school pala I was telling Iya nga that we are going to enroll her already. And she got really excited! What she said next caught me by surprise:

“And then mama when iya goes to school you will leave me alone okay? you just stay home!”

huhuhu… she can’t wait to get rid of me!! 😦

My little girl is really ready for school!

School hunting…

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…can be taxing.

Even before we arrived from Israel, I was already researching where to enroll my little princess. I have tons of schools in mind but they were either too far or too expensive!! (what’s with the 100k up fees!!! and that’s for nursery!) Anyway, I was keen on enrolling her at Early Achievers especially since we already visited the school last yr when we went home for vacation. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make the reservation ‘coz by the time they called for the update we were up up and away! haha… Sayang din yung 20% discount because of the school’s anniversary, if i remember it right. (the time we inquired naman semestral break pa and they didn’t have the discounted fees computed yet) Only early birds can get the discount that’s what I was told. So scrap that. Continue Reading School hunting……

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