38th week

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Had my check up this morning. My Doctor’s back. She didn’t do any i.e. today, next week daw. And finally, I was able to discuss with her episiotomy, epidural and circumcision. You see back home, episiotomy and epidural are a given. It’s up to the patient if you request not to have it. Well here in the US i found out, it’s the other way around. You’re given an epidural only when you request it (and still depends on how far along you’re dilated) and they let you tear naturally instead of doing an episiotomy. I wonder how my ob back home will react. She might think que horror with the natural tearing and letting the vajayjay stretch out as far as it can go. Oh well…

After the quick check up, we met up with Odette, Jojo, Emelyn and the girls for lunch at Aloha Sushi near our place. (too bad Easley wasn’t able to join us) I wanted to try the food there since Emelyn said it was good. I had the salmon bento box (rice, salad,salmon,veggie tempura & 4 california rolls) Sofia had 2 servings of shrimp tempura, so that was 8 big pieces! Glad she liked it. Maia was so demanding during lunch! It’s like you haven’t been feeding her! lol! We then walked to Coldstone which was one store away for dessert. Sofia tried the cotton candy icecream w/c had an attractive blue greenish color (tasted good) and I had the birthday cake mix (cake batter icecream with sprinkles,brownies and fudge) yummy!! It’s been awhile since I ate icecream so it was such a treat 😉 too bad I didn’t bring the camera.

After the rest of the guys went back to work, Emelyn & I just walked and shopped a bit at Broadstone plaza with the kids. Bought Iya headbands, a skirt and a shirt at Old Navy. (i was able to finally use my $5 off coupon) I wanted to get Maia one spring dress but they didn’t have the size I wanted. And before heading back home we couldn’t possibly not go to Borders. And that’s where Maia fell asleep hehe It’s our kids’ library since the public library is far from our place. Atleast with Borders,we can just walk over there from our apartment.

It’s been another good day. Good weather too. Days certainly pass by quickly!


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