This time last year

February 22, 2010 at 10:51 pm | Posted in my girls, pregnancy | Leave a comment


Feb 7th last year Maia turned 3 months old. I always bought my favorite marble chocolate cake from Goldilocks starting when she was a month old. And now she is a year and 3 months and soon to be big sister! How time flies!


I had my check up this afternoon and I was late! Like 20 mins late! My doctor thought i might be at the hospital already! argh, so embarassing! So anyway, so far so good for me. Hopefully i’ll deliver within this week since she said she’ll be on duty during the weekend.

Sigh…. I know this is my third but i’m still so not ready 😦 I’m always praying my labor and delivery will go smoothly. Much like with Maia’s. It took about 6 hours from the time I got admitted up to when Maia came out. And that’s a big improvement because with Sofia, I labored for 24 hours! Hopefully I won’t go way past my duedate. I don’t want to be induced. Hay… I feel like it’s my 1st time all over again. Dang.


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