Beautiful Day

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Yes, another beautiful day. Sun was out, cool breeze, you can almost taste spring 🙂 Plus Odette gave us krispy kreme donuts for pasalubong!!! She went to SFO yday and it was really so thoughtful of her to get us some kk’s coz there’s none here in our area. Thanks again 🙂

Had a post valentines lunch with Intel friends. No work and classes here in Folsom so we were all able to go out on a weekday. Yummy food at Red Lobster. I really like their ceasar salad 🙂 We had 2 servers, one was a guy, the other a big lady. While eating we all couldn’t help but notice that Maia would cry everytime the lady server would go to our table or even just pass by! And unfortunately for her, our server was very attentive and kept coming back to check on us! So Maia would squirm/pout/cry everytime! But when the server turns to leave she follows her with her eyes naman! lol! as in nililingon pa!

Went to the mall after. Wasn’t really planning on buying anything. Maia fell asleep on her stroller so we just let her be. While waiting for her to wake up, I finally had my eyebrows done! I can now face the world a little bit more confidently with my threaded brows! haha… Surprisingly, hubby was impressed with how the girl did my brows. It was nice. She was good. Worth the $15 :p

Had dinner at Olive Garden near our place. (minus friends–we all went our separate ways after lunch) It was my first time there. The interior of the resto was really nice and clean. You’d think they just opened! And our server was muy simpatico and really suave! Maia liked him 😀 I loved the chicken and gnocchi soup (so did maia) and I had lasagna for my entree. Too bad I forgot the camera in the car. I was so full I thought I wouldn’t be able to get up! no kidding! lol!!!

My girls wore the same outfit today. And I don’t have a decent picture to show for. I always find it hard to take pics of my girls when we go out and they’re wearing something nice.

I’m getting bigger everyday. I feel so heavy. And it doesn’t help that i’m so undisciplined diet wise with my 3rd pregnancy. I’ll have my check up again within this week. Eeew I wonder how much I weigh now??? Abangan… :p


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