How time flies!

April 1, 2008 at 1:21 pm | Posted in my girls | 7 Comments
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It’s April! and 2 weeks from now my little girl will turn 4! Imagine we arrived in Israel when she was just 2 1/2. And now she’s turning 4!

~ She has learned to understand and talk a bit of hebrew (especially last year when i was still taking lessons)
~ can count in four languages (english,tagalog,hebrew and spanish)
~ she can “tie her shoelace like the letter X”
~ change clothes on her own
~ knows how to fold clothes
~ brush her teeth (i still assist her though to make sure everything’s okay)
~ run very fast!
~ loves to sing and dance
~ can fix her things
~ write her name and the word papa (she has refused to learn to write other words..for now) she knows how to write letters A-Z but only when she feels like writing them down.
~ she is very very curious. about a lot of things! never ending what’s, why’s, how’s…
~ manages to make me really angry and then happy at the same time!
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